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Impact My Gym - Impact Performance Club
Impact My Gym - Impact Performance Club

Impact My Gym

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If you would like to maximize time and add new workouts to your toolbox, then Impact My Gym is the program that will do just that for you. The programs are for both men and women that would like to explore new challenging workouts and increase their level of fitness and performance. This program offers several different exercises from strength training, conditioning, functional training, total body training, bodyweight training, cross-training, water training, and recovery. It comes with a four-week training vault (workouts-exercises-videos) and an online consultation. Allow exercise to be fun, challenging, effective while being successful in reaching your goals. 

Impact My Gym App Success In Your Hands

  • Online Consultation (goals, blueprint, nutrition, and food relationship.)
  • 4 Week Training Vault (also three months, six months, 12 months offered)
  • Training Vault 8-10 Different Challenging Workouts Sent to Vault Each Week 
  • Proven and Tested Training Programs
  • Dailey Program Review 
  • 1 Online Meeting Each Month
  • Professional Coach
  • Real Support in Reaching Your Goals
Train Outside The Box- Get Results Fitness Impact App!