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Impact Transformation 12
Impact Transformation 12 - Impact Performance Club
Impact Transformation 12

Impact Transformation 12

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Impact Transformation 12 is a twelve-week health, fitness, and body transformation program. It's for men and women of all ages looking to start on a fitness journey in the comfort of their own home or just getting started with a new gym membership. The program doesn't take a lot of equipment or knowledge about fitness, weights, or nutrition. It only takes 25-45 minutes of dedicated time to yourself to transform your body, increase your level of fitness, and achieve optimal health. This 12-week training program comes with our dedicated support, our educational and proven systems, and our word to hold you accountable so that you reach your goals. We provide a proven and tested training program, exercise videos, nutrition program, progress monitoring-testing, online live meetings, and full access to our professional performance coaches. Our coaches are here to support you every step of the way to a healthier you and a new way of life.

Impact Transformation 12 App 'The Fitness Masterpiece' 

  • Online Consultation (goals, blueprint, nutrition, and food relationship.)
  • Medical and Fitness Assessment
  • Wellness and Fitness Goals
  • 12 Week Training Program 
  • Proven and Tested Transformation Program (Over 300 Lives Transformed)
  • Nutrition Program and Education, Recipes, Grocery Shopping List
  • Wellness Progress Checks
  • Daily Nutrition Checks
  • Testing and Accountability
  • Online Meetings (Weekly Live Meetings)
  • Weekly Performance Review
  • A Professional Performance Coach
  • Real Support In Reaching Your Goals

The Road to Your Best Health!