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Impact Youth Sport - Impact Performance Club
Impact Youth Sport - Impact Performance Club
Impact Youth Sport

Impact Youth Sport

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Impact Youth SportsTraining program is designed for both girls and boys ages 10-18 that need a proven and tested sports training system that will help them perform at a high level in their sport while preventing injury.

The Importance of Safety with Today’s Youth Athletes

Less experienced coaches often ignore necessary motor skills. The foundation built with our young athletes gives them command and an awareness of their bodies through significant motor skills development and progression and kinetic chain and movement education.  

Impact Youth Sports Training is a four-week training program, exercises-videos, nutrition outline, two online meetings, and full access to our coaches by text, email, and app. Our professional coaches are here to provide knowledge and support.

Impact Youth Sports App Building A Solid Foundation

  • Online Consultation (goals, blueprint, food education, etc.)
  • Medical and Fitness Assessment
  • Sports, Fitness, and Education Goals
  • 4 Week Training Program (also three months, six months, 12 months offered)
  • Proven and Tested Training Program for Youth Athletes
  • Injury Prevention Protocol and Understanding
  • Nutrition Outline
  • Leadership Coaching Meeting 2 Per Month (Zoom Coaching)
  • Personal Training 2 Per Month (Zoom Training)
  • Professional Coach
  • Real Support In Reaching Your Goals

Gain A Step On The Competition!