FI H.E.L.P SCHOOL - Impact Performance Club
FI H.E.L.P SCHOOL - Impact Performance Club


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FI HELP School was born because of the large commercial gyms and the way they set people up for failure, and they provide no real education or support system for lasting health and life changes. Without the proper education and support system, success at reaching one’s goals is hard to achieve. FI HELP will give you that education and support system. It is a Personal Training program but in a small group setting online! The curriculum encompasses every facet of fitness, from basic stretching, functional training, strength training to self-defense. The program will teach you about nutrition, how to train yourself properly, and, more importantly, how to balance your life out so that you’re able to get the most out of it.


This program is excellent for individuals ready to change their health and wellness for good, those considering joining a large commercial gym that wants direction, those looking at hiring a personal trainer, and those looking for a physical challenge. This program will give you the education and support you need to reach your goals and transform your life!


  • Health & Fitness Assessment
  • 4 Months Program (8 Months, 12 Months, 16 Months Programs) 
  • Goal Setting (Individual, FI Partnership)
  • Nutrition Education (nutrition program, nutrition book & nutrition seminar)
  • Impact Performance Nutrition System
  • Recovery and Regeneration (Impact Cell Natural Performance Supplements)
  • Grocery Shopping Virtual Tour
  • Blueprint Design (Health and Fitness)
  • Impact Performance Training System (IPTS)
  • Health and Wellness (Seminar Series)
  • Fitness Impact App
  • Training and Wellness Programs with Videos
  • Curriculum Book
  • Life Coaching and Education to make healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Daily Fitness and Nutrition Accountability
  • Consistent Motivational and Teaching Videos
  • Full Access to Performance Coach
  • Coaching Mentor
  • Education on Training Safety
  • T-Shirt (different shirt for each phase)
  • A New Active Family with Great Support

Get the HELP, knowledge, and support you need to transform your body and health and, ultimately, your life. Sign up now.