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Frozen Fatigue Syndrome

Most people would never even consider Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a thing to factor into their lives until this current environment of stay at home brought about by COVID-19. The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome people experience in regular times often come about after having a viral infection study show. Suspicious viruses include Epstein-Barr virus, human herpesvirus 6, and mouse leukemia viruses. The viral infection and the relation to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be understood by most people once considered. The situation of COVID-19 has brought about a different type of fatigue syndrome to the majority of people's lives and not due to direct viral infection but by way of isolation, fear, and significant change to life.  The fatigue syndrome we speak we...

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Living With Mask Protection

The reality of the current COVID-19 environment has most people accepting the guidance of medical professional's advice to protect themselves and those they love by donning a protective face mask of some sort. The sacrifice of those on the front line of this epic battle has inspired and created space for people to be vulnerable, along with the subtle opening this unfamiliar time presents. Most people, for the majority of their lives, have lived with a protection mask. This protection mask comes in the form of building a shield around their image or showing untruthful character traits. No-fault of their own, it's learned behaviors good or bad by parents, family, friends, and those they may associate with over the years....

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The Big Dance

The fitness industry has grown a great deal over the past ten years, with people looking to lead more healthy lifestyles and the explosion of the tech industry. The growth of the industry has demanded changes in certification regulations, programming advancements, and business operational systems. The growth of the sector has born social media fitness gurus, adopted celebrities as health experts, and even embraces the novice fitness goer to share advice and lead a community. All that has arrived with the growth of the fitness industry has been great and well and most defiantly understandable.  The Big Dance has been Fitness Impact's understanding for more than twenty years. Our preparations in all aspects of leadership have allowed us to impact...

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