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Impact Athlete Sports Training Camps

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Impact Athlete Sports Training Camps offer young athletes the opportunity to discover the enormous power they have inside them and how to cultivate that power to bring about success in all areas of life. The foundation that Impact Sports Training Camps sets for young athletes allow them to develop athletic ability, focus, and work ethic to compete at a high level. Faster, bigger, stronger is a given any competent trainer can achieve that with an athlete, we go beyond that, Impact Athlete Sports Training Camps require high standards in training, and superior focus and our coaches demand it.  

Why Impact Sports Training Camps?

Impact Sports Training Camps are the foundation for our young athletes that would like to enter into our highly competitive Impact Sports Training Academy, which is responsible for producing over 100 collegiate athletes and developing over two dozen professional athletes. These camps get participants ready for the grueling and demanding tryouts the academy requires. High standards, humility, focus, work ethic, and heart for the duration.   

The Importance of Safety with Today’s Youth Athletes

Less skilled training facilities often ignore the necessary motor skills. Our young athletes build a foundation, giving them command and an awareness of their body through essential motor skills development and progression and kinetic chain and movement education.  

Impact Sports Training Camps 

  • Sports Performance Evaluation 
  • Gait and Biomechanics Evaluation
  • Kinetic Chain and Motor Skill Development
  • Functional Training and Conditioning
  • Strength and Conditioning 
  • Speed and Agility
  • Leadership Development
  • Focus and Mental Training
  • Professional Coaching and Support

Camps conducted in Long Beach, CA. At Ocean Blvd. and Junipero. We meet down the hill at the parking lot next to the ocean. Saturdays from 8:30 am- 10:00 am. January 11th-February 1st. (4 Saturdays). 

Bring shoes and workout clothes you don't mind getting sandy, water, focus, and heart!