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Hump Day Hard Day Quarantine Challenge - Impact Performance Club

Hump Day Hard Day Quarantine Challenge

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Hump Day Hard Day Challenge is a straight kick in the groin. It's out of the box training program that will challenge your fitness, mind, attitude, heart, and focus every time you open the Fitness Impact App on Wednesday. It will reveal the areas you can improve on in terms of fitness and mental fortitude while involved in an intense fitness session. Each training session will get you out of your comfort zone and have you achieving more each time. The Formula to Hump Day Hard Day; challenge yourself to get better each week. Compete at a high level in a competitive group on Hump Days. Track your progress for the next four weeks, and increase your level of fitness and focus. This Challenge is NO Joke!

No Wasting Time...Only $3.80 Every Hump Day The Challenge Is Yours!


  • Fitness Impact App
  • Impact Performance Training Systems(IPTS)
  • No Equipment Needed
  • Functional Training
  • Strength Training
  • Body Conditioning
  • IPTS Plyometrics
  • IPTS Speed Training
  • IPTS Focus Training
  • IPTS Sports Science Protocols
  • Nutrition Outline 
  • Professional Coach
  • Accountability and Support